Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lazy people

So the girl in this house said that it's just not the same for her to help with a dog blog after losing her Domi last year. She said that I should get the guy in the house to to help me type my blog. He would rather play with my squeaky football though so I humor him with that. Since he's the one in charge of the food, I try to keep hm happy. Maybe one of these days he'll help me with my blog.

Just to prove to you that I am still around and haven't been shipped back to Kentucky (I'm not always the best behaved dog) here's a picture of me waiting for the humans to take me to the park.

Well, hopefully I'll have help again soon to tell you about my life and all the fun things I've been doing (and eating). Hope all my friends are well and enjoying the spring sunshine.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Hey pups, I'm still here and enjoying my home but I don't like winter and all this snow. This is how I've been spending my time. It doesn't make for very exciting blog posts. If I didn't like my new people as much as I do, I'd head back south to Kentucky.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wubba time!

I finally got my Kong Wubba!!!! Time to go play.....squeak, squeak!!!!!


Thanks for your suggestions and support on this potty issue. My people are wondering if maybe I only ever went outside on a leash because when I go outside on my own, I mostly stand around and will pee where ever I see Stella go (it's a boy dog thing). We do have a routine on when we take potty breaks and that helps...sometimes. Sometimes though I don't feel like walking out on the cold snow and will just sit at the door waiting to go back inside. I was always an inside dog until I went to the rescue where I had to stay outside for the 3 weeks I was there. My people have wondered if maybe I'm afraid that if I go out,  I will have to stay out. I do love a cozy, warm house. I have only had a couple of accidents in the house so it's not too big of a problem. And technically it was just one accident. That first time I was just letting everyone know that I had found a new home (another boy dog thing). I guess my people and I have to figure out how to communicate better. Maybe they just don't understand Kentucky (where I'm from) too well.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bell training

So my people got a bell a few days ago and have had it hanging on the back door. They've been giving Stella some time to get used to it because she thought it was a little scary at first (I'm discovering that Stella thinks everything is scary). She's used to it now and they want to teach me how to ring when I have to go. For some reason, I'm not very good about telling them when I need to go. What I'm curious about is how did your peoples help you to understand to ring the bell when you need to potty? I hate to admit this but I'm not the quickest learner. At least I'm a very happy go lucky kind of dog though and I do want to please. Peeing in the house is not the best way of letting your people know you have to potty. I've learned that the hard way. Sitting in front of the door also does not work unless there is someone in the room to see you.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Troubles......

My first Christmas in my new home was......mostly nice. I'm starting to see why my people have some of the rules they do though. The new girl had her family over for Christmas dinner and she was doing lots of cooking. The kitchen smelled so good that I kept having to go in and check out the food on the counter. I guess I should have listened to Stella when she told me that it wasn't a good idea and that I should stay out and play with the family instead. I just happened to wander in there to check on the turkey when the girl was taking a hot dish out of the oven. Mashed potatoes went flying across the kitchen. I got yelled at and chased out of there too quick to try any but from what I heard they were really good. My girl was pretty upset about it after having spenting a lot of time peeling the potatoes and the money wasted (she said they were organic, whatever that means and that there was a whole thing of cream cheese in them). After that I stayed out of the way and was rewarded with my own nice dinner.

Everything went smoothly after until the family had gone home and my people were relaxing in front of the fire. I suddenly had to go and I didn't bother to let anyone know.....well, I guess I did by peeing on the living room carpet right behind them. Man, I sure heard "BAD DOG" a lot over that one. So they stuck me outside to finish and then I immediately got in trouble again. This time for eating eating the leftover turkey pieces put out for the kitties that live outside. I guess that really wasn't very nice of me since I could still be living outside too.

Other than those little things Christmas was actually pretty fun. I got some new squeaky toys which I've been working hard on destroying. I didn't get any Wubbas but my people said I will. The pet store didnt' have any so they will go look somewhere else and promised one each for both Stella and I.

Hello to all my new friends who left comments and a big thanks to Huffles for sharing my blog with everyone. You can never have too many friends.

Trying to be good so I get some presents 

Yeah...a squeaky! I'm trying to cram it all in my mouth so it won't get away.


Cheers! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!