Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Troubles......

My first Christmas in my new home was......mostly nice. I'm starting to see why my people have some of the rules they do though. The new girl had her family over for Christmas dinner and she was doing lots of cooking. The kitchen smelled so good that I kept having to go in and check out the food on the counter. I guess I should have listened to Stella when she told me that it wasn't a good idea and that I should stay out and play with the family instead. I just happened to wander in there to check on the turkey when the girl was taking a hot dish out of the oven. Mashed potatoes went flying across the kitchen. I got yelled at and chased out of there too quick to try any but from what I heard they were really good. My girl was pretty upset about it after having spenting a lot of time peeling the potatoes and the money wasted (she said they were organic, whatever that means and that there was a whole thing of cream cheese in them). After that I stayed out of the way and was rewarded with my own nice dinner.

Everything went smoothly after until the family had gone home and my people were relaxing in front of the fire. I suddenly had to go and I didn't bother to let anyone know.....well, I guess I did by peeing on the living room carpet right behind them. Man, I sure heard "BAD DOG" a lot over that one. So they stuck me outside to finish and then I immediately got in trouble again. This time for eating eating the leftover turkey pieces put out for the kitties that live outside. I guess that really wasn't very nice of me since I could still be living outside too.

Other than those little things Christmas was actually pretty fun. I got some new squeaky toys which I've been working hard on destroying. I didn't get any Wubbas but my people said I will. The pet store didnt' have any so they will go look somewhere else and promised one each for both Stella and I.

Hello to all my new friends who left comments and a big thanks to Huffles for sharing my blog with everyone. You can never have too many friends.

Trying to be good so I get some presents 

Yeah...a squeaky! I'm trying to cram it all in my mouth so it won't get away.


Cheers! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Rules, rules. We have a lot of them too and it makes for a really long list of things to break - grins. Oh well.

    But ain't a new home awesome?

  2. I just came from Huffle's and wanted to say hello. Sonds as though you are well on the way to getting the beans trained , they are still going to buy you wubba's even when you peed on the carpet. Now that says love to me. I will come back to see more of your antics.. LOve GJ xx

  3. I can come over and help out with the leftovers if you think it would take the heat off of you!

  4. Hey, if they didn't want you to eat the turkey, they should have put it somewhere else, that's what we think. Too bad about the potatoes but those things happen. But no peeing on the rug, Kane,you have to get them to put a bell on the door you use to get outside and teach you to ring it with your nose or your paw so they know when you need to go outside. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the holidays.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. Nice to meet you Kane!!!
    I came fwom huffle's too.

    You awe a vewy gowgeous Woofie, and I'm suwe you'll settle in and leawn all the house woles's aways hawd at fiwst..I used to get into all sowts of twouble, and now hawdly evew, heheh, but destuffing toys is a lifelong job..we'we supposed to do that wight?
    smoochie kisses

  6. Chin up Kane, I would say that is a very good Christmas for your first one. A couple mistakes on Christmas day is very understandable. In all that excitement and bustle what's a dog to do.
    I hope you get your Wubba soon.
    I really enjoyed a toy that I got for Christmas,(for about 10 minutes). Mom is still looking for it to show up in the yard if you know what I mean, wink, wink.

  7. I hope that your peoples remember that they need to do some learning too! You would have to be an AMAZING puppy not to eat the turkey left outside. They should have told you it was for the kitties!!

    And sometimes when you gotta go - you just gotta go! :)

  8. It's tough learning all the new rules but it won't be long and you'll have your beans trained furry well. We hope you get your Wubba soon. I got one but don't really know what to do with it yet. Anyway, it was nice to meet you (Huffle sent us) and we're glad you found such a nice furever home!

    Sadie and my little kitty sisfurs Angel & Isabella

  9. Ha roo, Kane! My bestest friend Huffle Mawson sent me! It's great to meet you! We're all so glad you found a forever home!!!
    Play bows,

  10. sorry 'bout them taters...I think you did real good for just getting a new home, and it being Christmas and all.. The holidays still make me nutty.
    your pal, Morgan

  11. Sounds like the first Christmas wasn't too bad at all Kane. Never mind about the potatoes, these things happen. You just have to be careful next time.

    I have a wubba and I love it! My bestest friend Zimmie from the Army of Four sent it to me. I hope you get yours soon.

    And I'm so glad lots of my friends came over to say hello!

  12. We would have eaten the turkey too, Kane!
    We think you did just fine for your first Christmas! We're pretty proud of you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. A pet shop without a WUBBA???

    That is just wrong!

    As fur the flying mashed potatoes...they sound furry yummy!

    I'm glad woo gave your new furamily a furst khristmas with woo to remember!

    PeeEssWoo: Here's to many many more!

  14. I bet they mean to say GOOD dog, not bad. Sometimes humans just get it wrong. You look like a very good doggie to me.

  15. O hai! Is nice to meet u. (wags tail) :)

    Happy Gnu Ears! :)

  16. We hope that your momma has forgiven you by now. This was your first Christmas there so you didn't know the rules, did you? Nope, you didn't.