Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Thanks for your suggestions and support on this potty issue. My people are wondering if maybe I only ever went outside on a leash because when I go outside on my own, I mostly stand around and will pee where ever I see Stella go (it's a boy dog thing). We do have a routine on when we take potty breaks and that helps...sometimes. Sometimes though I don't feel like walking out on the cold snow and will just sit at the door waiting to go back inside. I was always an inside dog until I went to the rescue where I had to stay outside for the 3 weeks I was there. My people have wondered if maybe I'm afraid that if I go out,  I will have to stay out. I do love a cozy, warm house. I have only had a couple of accidents in the house so it's not too big of a problem. And technically it was just one accident. That first time I was just letting everyone know that I had found a new home (another boy dog thing). I guess my people and I have to figure out how to communicate better. Maybe they just don't understand Kentucky (where I'm from) too well.


  1. Cheer up Kane. You will get the hang of the potty thing soon enough. Thankfully you have loving and patient humans who are doing their best to help you along.
    Right, I'm off to play in our new snow.
    Keep up the good work Kane.
    Your friend Byron.

  2. You and your family will all figure it out. =)

  3. Kane
    You'we doing gweat! It's hawd to make big changes..I live in an apawtment and know that when I get my leash on and go outside I wun to the cuwb..it's the onliest place i go..I bet I wouldn't know anything else..you'll get used to the new way. don
    t wowwy you'we a vewy good doggy
    smoochie kisses

  4. I also read that you might want to take Kane outside once an hour until he gets the idea. And then when he goes, praise him a lot.

    Hope it helps!

  5. You are doing good, really good! If you make a mistake in the house tell your momma that it is her fault because it is up to the human to know when you need to go potty outside.

    Don't suppose you could have a kidney infection, could you?

  6. It sounds like your mom has everything under control, Kane! You're going to get this potty thing - we just know you will! Patience is the key!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. Hopefully my friend's bell training suggestions can help too Kane!

  8. You could ask Johanns mum if she can help. I think she has done the bell thing. Maisie wouldn't pee on a walk if she was on the leash. She waited till we got home and then went in the yard. One time, she peed on a walk, on the leash, and mom gave her sooooo many treats. I was miffed. But then she seemed to "get it"
    your pal, Morgan

  9. O hai, Kane! I go out for walks a lot. It's okay. U will get used to it.

  10. You are such a dear doggie. It's always hard in a new home. And new parents too! We are a large family of kitties who have moved 8 times in 18 years and we know it is hard enough just to get used to a new house, let alone new parents and new rules! Hang in there, sweetheart.
    And always remember, we've got your back.