Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A week!

So Saturday was my one week anniversary at my new home. It sure feels like I've been here longer than that. Stella is my new best friend. We have been having so much fun playing together. my new people tried to take some photos of us playing Can't Get Me but they were just a blur of black and white. We have been sleeping really well afterward. My new girl was happy because she was actually able to get a photo of Stella. She said it's really hard to do because Stella is always moving.

We also decorated the Christmas Tree but I was told that I can't treat it like an outside tree so I don't have much interest in it. I am excited that there is a stocking on the fireplace for me. I guess that means my new address has been forwarded on to Santa. That's good because I've destroyed my stuffie's and could use some new ones.

I'm really disappointed that I got adopted just a little too late to be part of the DWB Christmas card exchange. It sure sounds like fun and a great way to get to know more dogs and kitties. Maybe next year I can be part of it.If anyone would like a card  from me (and Stella), send me your email to kanesblog (at) gmail (dot) com.



  1. OMD!

    Woo sure do look like woo've been there furever and ever already!

    How khool woo are letting these new hoomans be some khomfy with woo!

    I'm thinking they already know they've gotten an early khristmas present!

    I'm also furry happy Stella agrees with your choice too!


  2. No way!!!

    If you can get me your address, I'll make sure Kane gets at least ONE Christmas card from Jack!!

  3. We would love to send you a card. Have your momma email us through our bloggy with your address and we will send one of our Christmas cards to you. Momma just ordered them last evening!

  4. You look so comfy next to your Christmas tree catching the sun's warmth, Kane!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch