Monday, December 28, 2009

Bell training

So my people got a bell a few days ago and have had it hanging on the back door. They've been giving Stella some time to get used to it because she thought it was a little scary at first (I'm discovering that Stella thinks everything is scary). She's used to it now and they want to teach me how to ring when I have to go. For some reason, I'm not very good about telling them when I need to go. What I'm curious about is how did your peoples help you to understand to ring the bell when you need to potty? I hate to admit this but I'm not the quickest learner. At least I'm a very happy go lucky kind of dog though and I do want to please. Peeing in the house is not the best way of letting your people know you have to potty. I've learned that the hard way. Sitting in front of the door also does not work unless there is someone in the room to see you.


  1. We have always used doggy doors. I know the bell works for a lot of puppies, but since I am lazy, the doggy door works best! :)

  2. Uh, we would help, but Natasha was trained with a bell. Or more like it, Natasha trained the humans.

    She figured out on the first day that if you ring the bell, people come, open the door, and scratch your ears as a reward. Only, she decided that all she wanted was an ear scratch, so she would ring the bell, people would come open the door and scratch her ears, she would thank them for the ear scratch and go lay down again - repeat 5 minutes later.

    Such well trained humans.

  3. A doggy door would be awesome but since we have a big unfenced yard with lots of wild animals, I don't think my people would go for that. I like the idea of training my people to pet me when I ring the bell. In my opinion, they don't do that enough.

  4. Hi Kane, we just saw Huffle talking about you on her blog (we are a few days behind) and wanted to come by to meet you! We can't wait to read more about your life in your new home!

  5. Mom has always gone by the rule - peepees every 3 hours when we were pups and seeing as you're new to the routine, that's what mom would do, Kane. Every three hours you would go outside and she'd tell you to peepee so you know what the word means. It works for both of us and neither one of us had many accidents as pups!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. I have a cat door Kane so I can't help you. My BFF Tia's humans trained their dogs to use a bell though; I will ask them how they did it.

    My great sister Maxine the rottweiler used to just bang her nose on the door when she wanted to go out. Mum has no idea how she learned to do it, it just happened.

  7. Hi Kane! Nice to meet you. Huffle's Mom asked me to drop in and give your mom some pointers on bell training. I bell trained my Siberian Husky, Cornelia Marie. It is alot of repetition. It is sorta a step process. Check out this site...

    We pretty much followed their instructions. Cornelia Marie learned this in right under a week. Basically we hung the bell on the door we always take her out to potty. We walked up to the door with her and pointed to the bell and said, "Ring the bell". You can come up with a different cue word. Just be consistent. Then we would move her to the bell and let her nose touch the bell. Then we would say, "Ok, Let's go outside". Basically, the dog should learn to go to the door and ring the bell without you prompting. When they ring the bell on their own, praise them and take them directly outside. That is what you want to happen anyways, for them to ring it on their own to tell you that they want to go out.

    You will be the best judge on how your dog is picking up on this to know how to continue the training. Just consistency and always using the same door. If other people take your dog outside, they need to use the same cue words. If you have any other questions, leave me a comment on my girls' blog.

    Nice meeting you!!!
    Shelli (Tia, Sitka, and Cornelia Marie too)

  8. Hmm, maybe we need a bell for when we want treats... mew ha ha ha... it would never stop ringing!!!

  9. We are a cat family that ended up with a large abandoned dog. She seems to be a bit thick about letting mum know she needs to go. After trying everything, mum now has her on a strict schedule of going out. And a strict meal schedule. Same time each day, every day. She still isn't 100 percent. Due to her condition, it was thought that she had been kept outside in a run or a pen and, therefore, doesn't know about asking to go out. Maybe your were an outside doggie too and this whole "outside for potty" stuff is new to you too.
    We read your Christmas post. Don't take that mashed potato thing too hard. Mum's human cousin was carrying in a turkey, beautifully sliced and garnished, on an heirloom sterling silver tray. He'd had too much to drink. Something happened. He fell. Turkey all over the rug and and a beloved heirloom with a big bend in its edge. (2001) Stuff happens.

  10. We did pretty much the same as what was suggested a couple of comments above us, and it works very well, but it takes time, patience, and consistency.

    Hang in there, Kane will catch on.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder